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Last year we lost two of the Red Team members in two separate incidents in Afghanistan. They were there performing an assessment while attached to a military unit.
In one incident they took fire and one of the Team members, jumped out of his cover to assist a wounded soldier. He dragged the soldier to safety but he was shot while doing this. He died on the way to the field hospital.
The other incident was pure bad luck. A mortar round found its way to the position where the unit and the Team member were taking cover when the attack began. They had no chance.

Last year I put some of my watches and other gear for a raffle to help raise money for their families. This is year I would like to raise money in a way that everyone that donates gets something and after asking the guys in the Team, they all agree that tshirts are the best way. We all love them and we all need a cool, new tshirt.

So, we have created a new campaign with this tshirt. The design was made for the Team that went to Afghanistan. We figured it would be a good tshirt. I hope you guys like it.

Available in 4 different colors, the target is 100 tshirts. Make it count. Spread the word please!

7 days to go and a few more shirts needed. Would you help me spread the word?